Freezer Paper – Who knew???

Merry Christmas!!!!  I hope you had a wonderful holiday with lots of family, food, rest, and thankfulness for all we have.

In the coming weeks before Christmas, I knew I wanted to be crafty for my gift giving.  As I’ve mentioned before, Pinterest is a wonderful resource for finding fun and unique things to make.  I stumbled upon freezer paper stenciling.  This has been around a while, but it’s new to me!  There are tons of tutorials out there.  And here’s another one to add to the mix.  🙂

I made several gifts for my friends and their kids.  Here is one of them (you may see a few of the others sneak into view).  It’s a butterfly tote for my friend’s little girl (same one with the toy story / big sister shirt).

Here are the cast of characters for the project.

what you'll need

what you’ll need

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Fall Wreath

I decided to put my pinterest skills to practice and attempt to make one of the ideas I’ve seen on there a few times.  I decided to make a fall wreath on the cheap.  The idea was to buy insulation tubing from Home Depot and make the wreath out of that instead of buying the expensive ones at the craft store.

I bought a 6 foot tube for less than $2!  Much cheaper than the $13 at the craft store.  Then I found some fabric in the remnant section ($1.99) to cut into strips and treat like ribbon.  Lastly, I went to the mum section (making mums for homecoming is a big deal in Texas – lots of supplies on the cheap) and got a few flowers ($1 each).


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Our State of States

Here is an updated tally of the states we have visited.

My Honey’s Map:

Mr. Map – 18 States

My Map:

Mrs. Map – 41

These are the updates since our Oklahoma and Alaska trips.

We both need to head to the mid-west and I could definitely stand a trip to Hawaii!  🙂

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The Great Alaskan Adventure

Our 2012 road trip was a little different than 2010 Yellowstone or 2011 Grand Canyon.  We decided to do something a little different: fly up to Alaska with our camping gear, rent a car, and camp as much as we could.  So, we did it!

We flew out on my birthday and landed in Anchorage around 8pm.  We got our car and drove downtown to our hotel.


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Laundry Love

Ever since we gave our laundry room a little organization and color, I’ve wanted to do something to make it cozy.  I perused Pinterest to see what inspiration I could find.  I settled on buying cardboard letters from Hobby Lobby and spray painting them silver.

So, I went to Hobby Lobby, but they didn’t have all of the letters I needed to spell WASH. I came home defeated, so I decided to improvise.  I had cardboard boxes from when we moved, a printer, and white yarn that my husband bought me as a Christmas gift to learn how to crochet (which I haven’t tried to learn yet).

I found a font that I liked (Hiragino Kaku Gothic Std at 725 pt) and printed out each letter on a piece of paper.


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Surprise Date


My honey surprised me with a fun day a few weeks ago.  We woke up on Saturday, packed a picnic lunch, and hit the road.

We started with a stop at a park along the river in San Marcos.  We grabbed our lunch and found a spot to eat.

nice shady spot

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Where the Wind comes Sweepin’ Down the Plain

My mother-in-law moved to Tulsa earlier this year, so my husband and I went to visit over Memorial Day Weekend.  On Sunday, we took a little road trip to the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve.  What a pleasant surprise it was!

The preserve is just outside of Pawhuska, OK.  Just a small, cute little Oklahoma town.  It’s also the hometown of Pioneer Woman.  When we drove through the gates of the preserve, which is totally free to enter, it was clear that we would see the prairie as nature intended it – uninterrupted and wild.

driver beware

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