Where did you come from?

My honey and I were out and about a couple of Saturdays ago.  We drove past our county’s animal shelter and decided to go in and have a look at the pooches.  We’ve been missing our sweet Tucker for almost 2 years now and still haven’t decided if we’re ready for another dog… especially now that we’re in the Airstream.  We saw a bunch of sweet dogs, but none of them seemed like our dog.  So, we went home.

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what’s it really like?

So, what is it really like living in an Airstream?

Well, it’s small.  Our Airstream is a 30′ Classic.  On the bigger side as far as Airstreams go.  It’s about 200 sq feet before you take the “furniture” into consideration.  We are very restrictive on our clothes, kitchen stuff, a few important documents.  We pretty much don’t have anything else.   Continue reading “what’s it really like?”

Our tiny life

Our sweet Tucker died in February 2016.  He was an old man, just shy of 17 years old.  When he died, my hubby and I both had a really hard time adjusting to our new life without him.  I know he was “just a dog”, but his death really affected us.  Made us think about what it is we want for our life.

We couldn’t decide what to do: stay where we were, buy a place to renovate and live in, buy land and build.  Nothing felt right except for one thing.  So just over a year ago, we made the crazy decision to downsize and live in this beauty. Continue reading “Our tiny life”